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VIP 38: What is smart ventilation?

In March 2017, AIVC identified smart ventilation for buildings as a new and important topic to be addressed.

Several actions were defined by AIVC Board about this topic in order to exchange and disseminate information on this topic. A working group of AIVC experts from several countries was created. One of its tasks was to agree on a definition of smart ventilation.

The purpose of this ventilation information paper is to present and illustrate this definition of "smart ventilation".

IAQ sensors for smart ventilation of buildings

6 March, 2018 | IAQ sensors for smart ventilation of buildings

AIVC defines smart ventilation as a process to continually adjust the ventilation system of a building in order to provide the desired Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) benefits while minimizing energy consumption, utility bills and other non-IAQ costs (thermal discomfort, noise, etc.). Smart ventilation responds to one or more of the following: building occupancy, outdoor conditions, electricity grid needs, operation of other building systems, direct sensing of contaminants.

China joins the AIVC

The AIVC is very pleased to welcome China as new participating country! China will be represented in the AIVC board by Guoqiang Zhang, Dean of Institute of Sustainable Urbanization and Construction Innovation, Hunan University and Weijun Chen from Hunan Shinilion Energy Saving Sci. and Tech. Corp. Ltd.

The AIVC at present counts 14 countries composing the AIVC Board demonstrating the growing interest on air infiltration and ventilation issues in new and renovated buildings.


AIVC 2018 Conference - Abstract submission deadline extended

The abstract submission deadline for the 39th AIVC - 7th TightVent - 5th venticool joint conference "Smart ventilation for buildings" to be held on 18 and 19 September 2018 in Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, has been extended to 20 March, 2018.


Most of the topical sessions are now known. The provisional list of topical sessions is as follows:


Register now for the AIVC webinar on smart ventilation

The AIVC is organising the webinar: "IAQ sensors for smart ventilation of buildings" to be held on Tuesday 6 March 2018, 15:00-16:30 (Brussels time, CET).


The objective of this AIVC webinar is:

  • to show an overview of the available low cost sensors for indoor air measurements (particulates, VOCs, CO2);
  • to present results of two recent laboratory and on site evaluations of some sensors;
  • to assess their applicability to ventilation system control.


Presentations and speakers:


Save the date for our webinar on smart ventilation - 6 March 2018, 15:00-16:30 (CET)

Mark your calendars for the upcoming webinar on IAQ sensors for smart ventilation of buildings on 6 March 2018 at 15:00-16:30 (CET).


Presentations and speakers include:

  • Evaluating particulate sensors for IAQ controls, Iain Walker (LBNL, USA)
  • Assessment of particulates and VOCs low-cost sensors, Laure Mouradian (CETIAT, France)


Registration will open soon so stay tuned!



Ductwork Airtightness Webinar – Recordings & slides now available!

The recordings and the slides of our recent webinar: “Ductwork airtightness: Standardisation’s on- going work and an overview of status and trends in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal” organised in cooperation with TightVent Europe and the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, are now available online here. Check them out!



The IEA-EBC Programme is an international energy research and innovation programme in the buildings and communities field. It enables collaborative R&D projects among its 24 member countries. We provide:

  • High quality scientific reports
  • Summary information for policy makers

High Priority Research Themes include:

  • Integrated planning and building design
  • Building energy systems
  • Building envelope
  • Community scale methods
  • Real building energy use

Call for abstracts for the 39th AIVC conference

The 39th AIVC conference "Smart ventilation for buildings" will be held on 18 and 19 September 2018 in Antibes Juan-Les-Pins, France, together with the 7th TightVent and the 5th venticool conferences. 

Abstract submission is now open at:

For further information on registration etc. please visit the conference website at:


Register now for the TightVent webinar on ductwork airtightness

Ductwork airtightness: Standardisation’s on- going work and an overview of status and trends in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal


Thursday 25 January 2018, 09:00-10:30 (Brussels time, CET)


The objective of this webinar is:

  • to demonstrate the importance of ductwork airtightness;
  • to give information on standardisation’s on-going works at CEN and ISO on this subject ;and
  • to give an overview of status and trends in Sweden, Japan, Spain and Portugal.