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35th AIVC Conference, 2014: Best paper, best poster awards

Paper and poster awards were given during the closing session of the joint 35th AIVC, 4th TightVent and 2nd venticool Conference held in Poznań, Poland on 23-24 September, 2014.

Best paper award:


Summaries of the AIVC 2014 conference available

Around 150 participants attended the joint 35th AIVC –4th TightVent -2nd venticool conference held in Poznan, Poland September 24-25, 2014. The programme consisted of 3 parallel tracks with contributions from 27 countries and international organizations. Over 100 presentations were given covering topics including air infiltration through leaks in the building envelope and ductwork, ventilation in relation to IAQ and health, ventilative cooling and thermal comfort.


35th AIVC Conference evaluation report now available

The analysis of the 35th AIVC- 4th TightVent- 2nd venticool Conference  evaluation survey has been finalized.

The evaluation questionnaire of the 35th AIVC conference: “Ventilation and airtightness in transforming the building stock to high performance” was sent out to 124 attendees of the event. The summary report is the result of the feedback from 64 of the participants who filled in the evaluation form.


AIVC 2015 Conference Website now available!

The AIVC 2015 Conference website is now available at:

It includes information on the conference scope, concept,  topics and organisers. 

The call for abstracts submission and the registration will open early in January 2015 so stay tuned!


36th AIVC Conference in Madrid, Spain!

The 36th AIVC conference: 'Effective ventilation in high performance buildings' will be held in the city of Madrid, Spain together with the 5th TightVent and the 3rd venticool conferences in September 23-24, 2015. It will be a major international event in 2015 focusing on the following topics:

For ventilative cooling aspects:


1st QUALICHeCK International Conference Brussels

The first international conference on compliance and quality for energy efficiency in buildings was organised in Brussels on 30 September 2014. The event represented the main physical opportunity to expand the dialogue on the relevant issues, with the first QUALICHeCK project findings as one of the starting points for discussion. The issue of ventilation and airtightness received specific attention.

There will be similar conferences in Brussels in 2015, 2016 and 2017.


35th AIVC Conference: 150 participants!

Around 150 participants attended the joint 35th AIVC- 4th TightVent– 2nd venticool joint conference held in Poznań, Poland September 24-25, 2014!


AIVC Newsletter, Issue_06, September 2014 - now available!

We are pleased that Spain decided to join the AIVC. Moreover, the September 2015 AIVC conference will be held in Madrid.

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency in buildings remain very hot topics on the agenda of many governments, while they are growing as such in others.  We are now in front of the AIVC Poznan Conference September 24-25. With the 116 contributions from 27 countries as well as a series of topical sessions, this will again be a major annual meeting point for building professionals, experts and scientists to exchange their views and share their results.  


UPDATE on 1st QUALICHeCK conference Brussels, September 30

There are at present more than 100 registered participants for this conference which will be held on September 30 in Brussels. Click here for the updated conference flyer. There are several presentations specifically dealing with the topics of ventilation systems, building and ductwork airtightness and ventilative cooling.