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35th AIVC Conference: 150 participants!

Around 150 participants attended the joint 35th AIVC- 4th TightVent– 2nd venticool joint conference held in Poznań, Poland September 24-25, 2014!


AIVC Newsletter, Issue_06, September 2014 - now available!

We are pleased that Spain decided to join the AIVC. Moreover, the September 2015 AIVC conference will be held in Madrid.

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency in buildings remain very hot topics on the agenda of many governments, while they are growing as such in others.  We are now in front of the AIVC Poznan Conference September 24-25. With the 116 contributions from 27 countries as well as a series of topical sessions, this will again be a major annual meeting point for building professionals, experts and scientists to exchange their views and share their results.  


UPDATE on 1st QUALICHeCK conference Brussels, September 30

There are at present more than 100 registered participants for this conference which will be held on September 30 in Brussels. Click here for the updated conference flyer. There are several presentations specifically dealing with the topics of ventilation systems, building and ductwork airtightness and ventilative cooling.


Special Issue Covering Extended Papers of the 34th AIVC Conference

The 2013 Conference of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, AIVC, was organized together with the 2nd Cool Roof Conference and the 1st Venticool Conference in Athens, Greece during September 2013. The theme of the Conference was ‘Energy Conservation Technologies for Mitigation and Adaptation in the Built Environment’. Almost 240 papers were selected and presented, describing the state of the art on ventilation, passive and low energy cooling, energy efficiency, urban energy problems and solutions, and cool roofs.


International Societies form Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (IEQ-GA)

ATLANTA – A newly formed alliance seeks to serve as a global source for information, guidance and knowledge on indoor environmental quality.

A memorandum of understanding creating the Indoor Environment Quality Global Alliance was signed Sunday, June 29, at ASHRAE’s 2014 Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington.  The founding members of the alliance are:


AIVC now on Wikipedia!

We are pleased to announce that the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre is now present on Wikipedia!

Click the link here below to visit our new page:


venticool newsletter, Issue 4, June 2014, now available!

With the increasing weight of energy performance regulations on market uptake in the building sector, bridging the gap between scientific and regulatory approaches on ventilative cooling is crucial. As you will learn through this newsletter, venticool works on several initiatives to build this bridge. In particular, with its foreseen plenary presentations and topical sessions as well as the abstracts collected through the call, the programme of the 35th AIVC and 2nd venticool conference to be held in Poznan, Poland 24-25 September 2014 already sounds very promising.


QUALICHeCK website launched!

QUALICHeCK, a new EU IEE co-funded project under the 2013 call for proposals, started on 1 March 2014, announces the launch of its website. 

QUALICHeCK aims at determining best cases and tackling bottlenecks to increase the reliability of Energy Performance Certification input data, to influence quality of construction and to support compliance with building Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy regulations, in the transition phase towards Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings.


BUILD UP Webinar video recordings | Ventilative cooling - Keep cool and lower peak energy demand

Ventilative cooling is the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces. It can significantly reduce the cooling energy demand in summer or mid-season conditions. Therefore, ventilative cooling is increasingly common in NZEBs.

This BUILD UP Web Seminar addressed the following:


Annex 62 “Ventilative cooling” met in Lausanne

After its successful preparation phase, the IEA EBC Annex 62 entered in January 2014 its four year working phase (2014-2017). The first meeting of the working phase was held in Lausanne, Switzerland, with 32 representatives from research institutes and private industries from 15 countries.