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Building airtightness in France — regulatory context, control procedures, results

Sandrine Charrier, Adeline Bailly, François Rémi Carrié, 2015
Compliance frameworks | ventilation & airtightness | residential buildings | non-residential buildings | New buildings
Bibliographic info: QUALICHeCK factsheet #07
Languages: English

Since 2006, there has been a significant reward in the French energy regulations for good airtightness, which has been combined with a minimum requirement for residential buildings in the 2012 version of the regulation. Airtightness test results show that the average building airtightness performance has improved by nearly 50% in single- and multi-family buildings since 2006 and now stabilises below the minimum requirements around q50 = 2.8 m3/h per m2 of envelope area, excluding lowest floor (or about n50 = 1.8 h-1).

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