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Effect of Window Filtration Ventilator on Indoor Thermal Comfort And Air Quality

Jiayu Li, Yuefei Hou, Junjie Liu, 2015
Bibliographic info: Building Simulation, 2015, Hyderabad, India
Languages: English

Providing an adequate quantity of fresh, clean air to occupied areas of residential and public buildings is necessary for diluting indoor CO2, airborne particles and other gas pollutant, especially for overpopulated buildings like school. The window filtration ventilator is a new idea which replacing one part of the window frame by a ventilator with filter, and it is considered suitable to improve on air quality in the classroom. However, the practical use of the new kind of ventilator in an actual room is still needed to be verified. This paper aimed at investigating thermal comfort and air quality in rooms by both experimental and numerical methods, both before and after window filtration ventilator had been installed. 

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