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This section includes AIVC’s collection of Ventilation Information Papers (VIP), technical notes, guides and handbooks, annotated bibliographies, literature lists and contributed reports. If you want to have an overview by series, please click here

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The paper presents an overview on building ventilation, indoor air quality and energy requirements in Brazil. Regulations, standards and market practices are reviewed.
Lamberts R.
Recently, there has been a growing public concern over indoor air quality not only in buildings but also in vehicles.
Kim H.J., Lee Y.G.
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This VIP focuses on best practice, as well as challenges, for the conditioning of the indoor environment in passenger aircraft cabins, and their implications from a ventilation stand-point.
Rydock J. P.
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The residential ventilation market is changing rapidly in the United States. Dwellings are going from having no designed ventilation systems to have to meet specific requirements.
Sherman M.
The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in the centre of Europe. The area of the Czech Republic is 78,866 km2 and its population is about 10.4 million people.
Charvat P.
The 2nd European BlowerDoor Symposium “Airtight building envelope, thermography and dwelling-ventilation” took place on the16th and 17th March 2007 in Kassel, Germany.
Rosenthal B.
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IAQ and ventilation is given rather high attention in the Norwegian building industry. The new energy demands, basically an implementation of the EPBD, are a major driver for change.
Eriksson M.
Air tightness is an important property of building envelopes. It is a key factor in determining infiltration and related wall-performance properties such as indoor air quality, maintainability and moisture balance.
McWilliams J.,Sherman M.H.
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Apartment buildings are the most common type of residence in Korea, but since the 1970s it was difficult to supply fresh air due to airtight exterior walls that were constructed with energy conservation in mind.
Y. Lee, S. Kim
Performance based indoor climate and ventilation regulations, having mainly been based on the requirements for the end result with fewer requirements for the system description, supported by a voluntary advanced indoor climate classification and l
Kurnitski J., Seppänen O.
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A survey was conducted to determine occupant use of windows and mechanical ventilation devices; barriers that inhibit their use; satisfaction with indoor air quality (IAQ); and the relationship between these factors.
Price P.N.,Sherman M.H.
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Attention for and implementation of ventilation systems is a relatively new phenomena in Belgium (where the three Regions are in charge of regulations related to ventilation).
Wouters, P.; Heijmans, N.; Delmotte, C.; Van den Bossche P., Wuyts, D.
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Ceiling fans are one of the more credible techniques to decrease the energy consumption for air conditioning and improve comfort.
Santamouris M.
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Low income households in developed and less developed countries suffer from serious indoor environmental problems like heat stress, lack of comfort and poor indoor air quality.
Santamouris M.
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Because of specific urban characteristics, the potential of natural ventilation can be seriously decreased in the urban environment because of reduced wind speeds, high ambient temperatures and increased external pollutant and noise levels.
Niachou Κ., Santamouris M., Georgakis C.
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The European Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings (the EPBD) imposes to the EU member states several different measures to achieve a more rational use of energy resources and to reduce the environmental impact of the energy
De Gids W.F.
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Due to the rapid urbanization and modernization of Korea, the demand for housing has increased considerably more than in other countries.
Lee Y. G. , Kim S.S.
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Decision makers that have to decide which type of HVAC system that has to be installed in a building, will usually base their decisions on the investment and running costs (including expected maintenance costs) and their perception of the quality
Wouters P., Heijmans N.
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Laboratory ventilation systems are designed to isolate and protect occupants from hazardous fumes and at the same time provide outside air at comfortable conditions.
Weale J., Rumsey P., Sartor D.,Eng Lock L.
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This report has been produced in the framework of the EU RESHYVENT project (Cluster Project on Demand Controlled Hybrid Ventilation in Residential Buildings with Specific Emphasis on the Integration of Renewables).
Schild P.G.
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