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June 6, 2014 | BUILD UP webinar on ventilative cooling!

Ventilative cooling is the use of natural or mechanical ventilation strategies to cool indoor spaces. It can significantly reduce the cooling energy demand in summer or mid-season conditions. Therefore, ventilative cooling is increasingly common in NZEBs.


This BUILD UP Web Seminar will address the following:


IEA EBC Annex 62- Ventilative Cooling- 1st Expert Meeting!

The 1st Expert meeting of the IEA EBC Annex 62- Ventilative Cooling will be held from Wednesday April 23 to Thursday April 24, 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

IEA EBC Annex 62 has now entered the working phase with as first focus the preparation of the first Annex deliverable, the State of the Art report. At the 1st expert meeting, the first draft will be discussed with the intention to have the final version ready before the second expert meeting in September 2014. In parallel,  research work on the subtasks according to the work plan will be initiated.


AIVC Newsletter, Issue 05, January 2014

AIVC aims to play a central role in the ventilation and infiltration community with respect to the dissemination of information, either with its conferences or workshops, or with the material available on its website.  The annual conferences continue to be greatly appreciated: 96 % of a sample of 76 conference attendees rated the 34th conference as excellent or satisfactory, 91% would recommend it to others. As you will see in this newsletter, we are working to uphold this quality for our future events.


2012-2013 webinars on building and ductwork airtightness!

An overview of the TightVent - AIVC webinars held in 2012-2013 on building and ductwork airtightness is now available for download here.


New JRC Report

The just published by JRC report on 'Harmonisation framework for health-based evaluation of indoor emissions from construction products in the European Union based on the Lowest Concentration of Interest approach (EU-LCI)' (ECA report 29) is now available here!



New publication!


The edited proceedings of the AIVC -TightVent International Workshop: "Securing the quality of ventilation systems in residential buildings: existing approaches in various countries" held in Brussels, 18-19 March, 2013 are now available for download. Click here to download the document!


TightVent webinar recordings on airtightness testing available!

Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of airtightness tests performed in Europe either for specific high performance buildings programmes or for a wide range of buildings in regulatory contexts. This has led to the development of competent tester schemes to contain potential legal and competition issues.


3rd venticool newsletter now available!

The venticool platform was inaugurated in September 2012 in response to the needs felt to increase awareness regarding ventilative cooling and to foster exchanges on this topic both for practitioners and researchers. 15 months later, its relevance is clearly confirmed:


BUILD UP webinar recordings available - IAQ and thermal comfort


The BUILD UP Web Seminar Indoor air quality and thermal comfort: Conserving energy, maintaining health video recordings and slides are now available at: