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ECA 12: Biological particles in indoor environments.

Wanner H-U, Verhoeff A, et al, 1993
biological pollutant | health | particle
Bibliographic info: EUR 14988 - European Collaborative Action Indoor Air Quality and its Impact on Man (formerly Cost Project 613) - Environment and Quality of Life
Languages: English

This report is concerned with the strategy and methodology for investigating four major categories of biological particles in the indoor air of private houses, non-industrial workplaces and public buildings (excluding hospitals). These particles are mites and their faeces; dander from pets and other furred animals; fungi, including moulds and yeasts; and bacteria, including actinomycetes. For each of these categories the following items have been considered: health effects; occurrence; available sampling methods; available methods of analysis; recommendations for different studies; and observed values and evaluation of results. Health effects, occurrence and sampling and analysis of Legionella are also briefly discussed.

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